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HOLOUX X STATEMENT "Guillotine" Pendant Necklace

Size: 40cm/ 16 inch
Style: 2mm Curb Chain


Our first ever Design Competition Collection is here! Submissions began late October 2022 across 2 categories- Ring Design & Pendant Design. The competition was tough, the talent in the submissions was obvious and choosing the winning pieces was no easy task! We ended up choosing 2 winners from each category. This is the Guillotine Pendant by Holoux.

Holly aka Holoux submitted for each category however it was her Guillotine design in the pendant category that took the winning place. Her use of a razor blade in place of the head stock gave a unique touch to the design. The final piece is substantial in size measuring 45mm x 30mm with a bail that fits a wide range of chain styles. The final produced pendant brings out a lot of character from her concept sketch and will certainly be a priority piece.

"Guillotine. The famous brutal execution device that holds a gruesomely horrific part of history with designs even dating back to the Middle Ages. Hey, I’m Holly. I combined my interests of Medieval History and Horror with my absolute love and passion for the art behind dark, thriller, eerie almost Horror like imagery. I’ve designed the Guillotine as you would traditionally see it through history along with the addition of the razor blade in place of the head restraint to give my design its own unique style."

- Holly aka Holoux

Holly Artist Feature
  • 45mm x 30mm guillotine pendant.
  • Gothic guillotine pendant necklace featuring a razor blade head stock.
  • Etched woodgrain texture engraved and blacked to give depth.
  • 100% waterproof and will not tarnish or discolour.
  • This piece is sure to be a standout in any Statement Jewellery collection.
  • Various chain style and length options available.