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Scorpion Ring

Ring Size: 4


The Scorpion Ring is a masterpiece of design and the embodiment of statement style. Made from stainless steel with a unique scorpion centre, this ring is a conversation starter. The imagery of scorpions have been used in modern art and tattoo culture for decades, the scorpion is undoubtedly unique, both beautiful and threatening. The ring represents this duality, we admire this creature even though we fear it, we are enamoured by it's beauty but we respect it's true nature. Scorpion jewelry is designed to be simple, versatile, and timeless. The Scorpion Ring is made from stainless steel and carefully handcrafted by artisan craftsmen, and each ring is crafted in limited production. 

  • A ring made from stainless steel with a small scorpion in the centre
  • Admire the scorpion but know it's true nature.
  • Hand-crafted, exquisitely designed and expertly crafted to bring you a unique piece of jewellery.
  • Timeless design and classic style that is always in fashion.
  • Won't tarnish or turn your skin green.