Spiked Dog Collar Ring

Ring Size: 4


The Spiked Dog Collar Ring draws inspiration from the iconic imagery of a strong dog with a spiked collar that has been used in pop culture from tattoo art, hip hop videos, fashion and editorial shoots. There is something striking about a powerful dog wearing a bad ass spiked collar. Harness this power for your hands! The ring features a highly detailed belt buckle at the back and studded spikes around to the centre which has a 6mm O-ring attached. The band is 6mm wide making this ring perfect for stacking.  

  • Goth girls will froth it, straight facts. No cap.
  • Make your hands look tougher than they are.
  • Won't discolour or turn your skin green.
  • Highly detailed and intricate design.
  • Extra bright, shiny polish that is mirror like in the light.
  • Our wide selection of sizes means you're sure to find the perfect fit.
  • Cast in high quality 316L stainless steel. 100% waterproof and non tarnish.

Note: Smaller sizes have less spikes and bigger sizes have more spikes.