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King Cobra Ring

Ring Size: 5


The image of the King Cobra holds a wide range of symbolism in many cultures. It's ability to stand upright and expand it's neck when ready to strike is an image of power and strength. We designed the King Cobra Ring as a symbol to warn off fake "snakes" who enter your life and hide their true intentions. A little known fact about the cobra is that they mostly feed on other snakes, the genus name for their family of serpents literally translates to "snake-eater". The ring is solid and robust in design, with an elegant shape as the tail curls around the body. This ring is larger than most at 34mm height and quite top heavy due the the solid cobra head. We recommend to choose a tight fit that will hug your finger at the base. If your finger has a wide middle knuckle and tapers at the base then this ring may swivel around when wearing due to the top heavy design.

  • Intricate snakeskin pattern highlighted with black paint in the cracks to create contrast.
  • Made from the highest quality, 316L stainless steel.
  • Polished to a mirror shine with a black eco paint finish.
  • A true statement ring.
  • It's got a lustrous, burnished sheen.
  • Fully cast from stainless steel and designed with exquisite detail.