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Article: 5 Top Fashion Trends of 2018

5 Top Fashion Trends of 2018

5 Top Fashion Trends of 2018

Disclaimer. These may not be the “best trends” of 2018 but this list certainly ranks as some of the top trends we saw in fashion last year. This list isn't focused solely on what came out of the fashion houses but more so the style we saw worn across social platforms and how these trends were interpreted by the people actually wearing them.


Chunky Sneakers

Although the shoe that seemingly kicked off this trend, the Triple S Sneaker, was released in 2017, it only grew stronger in 2018. If you enjoy wearing thick, heavy, ugly ass runners that look like they became a go to for the lawn mowing dad with a belt holster for his mobile phone, then you would have loved 2018. Last year we saw an abundance of releases and revivals of older silhouettes, fashion houses like Gucci, Louis Vuitton & Maison Margiela had their piece of the pie while sports brands like Nike, Puma, Fila, Kappa, Umbro and even SKECHERS got major love with some older release revivals and new drops throughout the year.

Wide Pants

Skinny jeans are out according to masses of elevated high school fashion icons on local High Fashion forums. Like modern day Judas' many lovers of skinny jeans quickly denounced them once they realised they were on the losing team. Tired of the endless combinations of ripped skinny jeans with Yeezy 350's and your pick of an Off-White hoodie/ Supreme Bogo/ Vlone Crewneck/ Oh wait, the choices stop there... 2018 showed that a much “wider” range (I know) of lower half silhouettes looked good too. Combinations of wide leg, high cropped trousers with white sports socks and sneakers to cuffed cargo pants with doc martins to baggy denim that you probably used to own and threw out started coming back strong reminding us all that streetwear, streetfashion and avant-garde high end style isn't one dimensional.

Short Fisherman Beanies

2016-2017 was definitely the era that Kanye West had everyone looking homeless with his Yeezy Season aesthetic and we might have grown out of the trashed distressed look but don't let that fool you into thinking that looking like a peasant isn't fashionable anymore. 2018 evolved into a more elevated, refined style that definitely made a lot more sense, but there was still an underlying theme designed to confuse onlookers to whether someone was about to step foot onto the streets of Paris Fashion week, or a fishing boat on a dock in Canada to catch blue fin tuna for the next 3 months.

Cross Body Bags

Yes, they used to be called bumbags, goofs wore them in school, lads wore them when they dropped out. Once upon a time a fanny pack could only be carrying an asthma puffer or a box cutter, nothing in between, but now the bumbag is high fashion and order has been restored to the world. In 2018 bumbags evolved to “cross body bags” purely because of how they're worn. Prada ruled 2018 for cross body bags in the designer arena.


Chains and Chain Accessories

First I'll acknowledge our bias for this one but if this isn't something we've loved for along time then why are we even here? Accessorising with industrial chains, clasps and metal rings has become a heavy mood for 2018 and toward the later part of the year we've seen a lot of creativity with styling. This trend brought out a lot of DIY creativity and also showed in designer house with Vetements releasing their ring loop belt. Lock necklaces were a favourite along with belt chains which, ironically, were a symbol of being very unstylish in the mid 2000's but now with renewed life they've become a staple for most outfits whether the aesthetic is high fashion, men's streetstyle, avant-garde fashion, streetwear or rock aesthetic.