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Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items

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butterfly floor rug by statement collectivebutterfly rug for home styling by statement collective
succubus rug by statement collectivesuccubus floor rug by statement collective
Angel Belt Buckle By Statement Collective"The Enchantress" Succubus Belt Accessories STATEMENT
"The Enchantress" Belt Sale price€50,95 EUR
Sold outArrow Belt Loop Clip #005 Accessories STATEMENT Arrow Belt Loop Clip #005 Accessories STATEMENT
Ring Sizer Sale price€3,95 EUR
Jewellery Cleaning Cloth Accessories STATEMENT Jewellery Cleaning Cloth Accessories STATEMENT
Jewellery Cleaning Cloth Sale price€6,95 EUR
Gift Card for the Statement Collective Store_01
Gift Card Sale priceFrom €6,27 EUR

Miscellaneous Items

This is the place you can find all of our extra items to help with your accessorising obsession. We have a range of jewelry display and storage products along with some bonus products like our Succubus Belt and range of Statement stickers.


Why displaying and storing your jewelry is a good idea

It holds your memories. Jewelry holds memories. When you glance at your collection, you can think back and remember the events during which you acquired that piece of jewelry. What’s more, if you don’t have a good place for displaying your pieces, then it is possible that some of those memories will be lost forever.

Displaying jewelry keeps you organised

You can see what you have. If your jewelry is scattered around the house and in drawers, it's easy to forget about it. Keeping your jewelry organised will help you know if you have a piece of jewelry that's missing or not.

It can be difficult to find what you're looking for. If all of your jewelry is thrown into one box together, there is no way of knowing which necklace goes with which earrings without digging through them all first! It keeps them safe from harm during travel and storage. When you display your jewelry, it can make your home look better.

Jewelry has always been an important part of people's lives—it shows who we are and what we care about. People wear jewelry to express themselves and their individuality. It doesn't matter if you choose to wear a pair of earrings or a ring; the important thing is that you have something that makes your personality stand out from everyone else's.

You can see your jewelry better

Displaying your jewelry is one of the best ways to keep it safe, organized, and out of harm's way. One of the best things about displaying your jewelry is that you can see it all at once—all in one place. That makes it easy to know what you have, what you need, what you want and don't want. You'll also be able to see which pieces give off a sparkle when they catch the light!

It's important to have somewhere safe where we can keep all our jewelry together in one place so we can easily find them when we get dressed up for an occasion or party.

When you display your jewelry you can keep it safe

When you display your jewelry, it's easy to keep it safe. You don't want your expensive pieces getting lost or damaged by accident. Even if you have a lot of jewelry, displaying can help you remember what kind of pieces you have in the back of drawers and closets. When all your rings are on display on a table, for example, it's easier to find the perfect match when putting together an outfit. Also displaying allows for creativity and fun! If you're looking for ideas about how to display your collection, there's no shortage online: Pinterest is full of inspiration! Just search "displaying my jewelry" or something similar and see what comes up!

So, if you're looking for a way to display your jewelry, there are many options. You can use hooks or shelves, display cases or boxes. It's important that your jewelry is easy to see and easy to reach so that you can enjoy it all the time. Hopefully these tips will help you find inspiration in how you want to display your collection!

Jewelry offers the best of both worlds: it can be both meaningful and practical

If you want to give something that's not just functional but also makes a statement, jewelry can be the answer. It lets your loved one know how much they mean to you and it can commemorate special occasions. If you're looking for a gift that will make someone feel a little more special and show them you care, here are some ideas:

A necklace with their initial on it—maybe they didn't go by their real name when they were growing up! This is also good if there are two of them in the relationship; then each person gets to have their own necklace (or pair of earrings).

Questions & Answers

How do I keep my jewelry safe?

The best way to keep your jewelry safe is to have some storage solutions. When you collect a lot of jewelry it’s easy to have it all pile up in a draw or on a shelf. Using a jewelry display box help you keep pieces separate and safe from clashing together and scratching. It’s a simple way to get more life out of your jewelry.

Will stainless steel jewelry rust if I leave it out?

No, stainless steel doesn’t rust or tarnish. It’s one of the great qualities that makes it ideal for jewelry. Stainless steel also doesn’t oxidise when exposed to water unlike sterling silver does. 

What is the best way to clean stainless steel jewelry?

The great thing about stainless steel jewelry is that is very low maintenance. Only every 2-3 months will it need a gentle cleaning with a cloth to remove any surface grime. You can use a simple Jewelry Cleaning Cloth and a home-made cleaning solution. See this blog post for more information.