Shipping policy

Shipping Information:


All Australian and worldwide deliveries are shipped from our business premises in Brisbane, Australia. We have 2 courier pick-ups weekly and they are typically on Tuesdays and Fridays weekly. All shipping times stated are from pick-up to delivery not from placing your order to delivery, eg if you place your order on the weekend, it will be collected on the first weekly pick-up and this is where your delivery time frame is in effect. Note the shipping times stated on each method are an average and not a guarantee, the shipping companies themselves advise that their timeframes are subject to conditions and delays. We do not refund the shipping cost if your delivery takes longer than the average time shown on the shipping method.


Processing time: Once you place your order the processing and handling time for us to pack and send your order is different for certain items:

In stock items- 2 business days handling time

Customisable items- 10 business days handling time.

Pre-Orders- If an item is available for pre order it will be shown on the product page, instead of the normal Add to Cart button you will see a Pre-Order Now button along with a message advising when the item is expected to ship. The times will vary for each item depending on when production for that item is expected to complete.


Australian Delivery


Free/ Standard: Average of 3-5 Business Days

Express: Average of 1-2 Business Days




Free/ Standard: DHL eCommerce average of 20-40 Days with current global impact.

Express: DHL Express average of 5-10 Days


DHL eCommerce’s model is different to DHL Express, they do not complete the final delivery in the destination country, they “handover” to the national postal service after processing on arrival. The parent tracking number will remain the same and it is recommended to track the delivery on the postal services website as they will show the updated scans sooner than through the DHL portal. For example deliveries to USA are completed by USPS, after the parcel scans on arrival it will become active in the USPS network and website. The parent tracking number can be found by following the link in your confirmation email to the DHL portal and it is shown underneath the customer confirmation number.

COVID-19 Note we are experiencing longer timeframes with DHL eCommerce during this time. Their end-to-end delivery times have extended to roughly 20-40 calendar days. Their communications with us have been that lower commercial flight numbers have limited the amount of freight that is being transported daily and increased parcel volumes has resulted in heavy backlogs in their centres. As such you may find that your tracking appears to have periods of inactivity, this is typically while it is awaiting sortation in the facilities. We appreciate your patience during this difficult time and advise that wherever possible you choose DHL Express as the infrastructure for their express model has remained relatively unchanged. For this reason we have made the DHL eCommerce “standard shipping” rate free on all international orders without a cost threshold. We advise that you adjust your expectations around delivery times and feel free to contact us about your delivery on if you have any questions, we also ask that you understand that we are the retailer and not the shipping company, once your package is dispatched the handling of the delivery lies solely with a 3rd party, as such, the tracking links and resources provided by the shipping company should be consulted primarily. We will help you best understand the shipping process however once it is in transit we cannot affect or expedite the process.



Pending Payments- Some payments made via Paypal come through as an E-Cheque meaning the payment will take a few days to clear, these orders are not processed for shipping until the payment status is marked as “paid”.


High Risk Orders- All orders are subjected to a fraud analysis in order to protect our customers and cardholders. If an order is flagged for unusual high risk, we may take some extra time to investigate to ensure the transaction does not put anyone at risk of theft. We may hold an order for up to 14 days while we verify the transaction. This process is to protect the cardholder from being defrauded and the business from loss of stock, shipping expenses and fees from the loss parties bank.


Failed Deliveries:


If the package cannot be delivered to the given shipping address due to causes ascribable to the absent cooperation of the customer (wrong or incorrect shipping address, absent receiver,) or if the customer refuses to collect the package, the package will be returned to the sender (Statement) at the customer's expense. The expense includes shipping costs and any duty and tax the package may have incurred; this amount will be deducted from the total of the order to be refunded.


Item not received but tracking says delivered:


Please note we do not refund or replace items that are tracked as being delivered. For this reason, we always recommend that you get items delivered to a secure address


Customs Fees:


We are not responsible for any import or custom fees associated with your order, please check with your country’s regulations to see if there will be any additional costs. This includes any import fees for orders sent with free, standard or express shipping.