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New Releasesilver hand necklace pendant by statement collectivehand necklace pendant on model's neck
"The Broken Mirror" Pendant Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Statement Lock & Chain 2.0 Accessories STATEMENT Statement Lock & Chain 2.0 Accessories STATEMENT
Statement Lock & Chain 2.0 Sale price€56,95 EUR
Best SellingTarot card pendant in silver with chainNew age tarot caes charm necklace for women
"3 of Swords" Pendant Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Gold sword tarot card charm necklaceWomen's new age tarot pendant necklace in gold
"3 of Swords” Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €50,95 EUR
Staff PickDagger Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT Dagger Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT
Dagger Pendant Sale price€37,95 EUR
dagger necklace pendant by statement collectivemens dagger necklace by statement
Dagger Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Chained Cross Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT Chained Cross Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT
"The Ruins" Pendant Sale price€50,95 EUR
large gold cross necklace pendant by statementgold cross pendant necklace on chain by statement
"The Ruins" Pendant (Gold) Sale price€56,95 EUR
Succubus Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT Succubus Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT
"The Enchantress" Pendant Sale price€50,95 EUR
Leaving SoonSold outGothic Guillotine Pendant Necklace By Statement CollectiveSilver Guillotine Pendant Necklace By Statement
HOLOUX X STATEMENT "Guillotine" Pendant Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Onyx gemstone medallion pendant by statementcircle medallion with onyx gemstone on body
Onyx Medallion Pendant Sale price€50,95 EUR
gold circle onyx pendant on white background by statementCircular Onyx Stone Pendant necklace in gold on body
Onyx Medallion Pendant (Gold) Sale price€56,95 EUR
Snake talisman charm pendant for menWomen's snake charm necklace on body
Snake Charmer Pendant Sale price€37,95 EUR
Gold snake charm pendant chain necklaceClose up of dainty snake pendant chain
Snake Charmer Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Pentagram Pendant Necklace by Statement CollectiveWomen's pentagram sigil charm necklace
"The Star of the Magi" Pendant Sale price€43,95 EUR
Gold star pentacle man necklaceMen's charm necklace occult pentagram
"The Star of the Magi" Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €50,95 EUR
Square silver necklace pendant charmMen's sikver pendant chain square charm
Agrippa’s Square Pendant Sale price€43,95 EUR
Gold symbolic square charm pendantGold chain with square pendant with man inside
Agrippa’s Square Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €50,95 EUR
Silver demon charm pendant made of steelDevil pendant necklace for men
"The Wicked One" Pendant Sale price€43,95 EUR
Gold jewellery charm demon on necklaceOn body gold necklace with angel charm
"The Wicked One" Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €50,95 EUR
Fallen Angel Medallion Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT Fallen Angel Medallion Pendant Mens Necklace by Statement_05
Fallen Angel Medallion Pendant Sale price€37,95 EUR
Gold Angel medallion on chain by statementMens medallion pendant in gold by statement
Fallen Angel Medallion Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Butterfly Necklace Pendant By Statement_01Butterfly Necklace Pendant By Statement_03
Butterfly Tag Pendant Sale price€37,95 EUR
Butterfly pendant necklace in gold on whitemens butterfly pendant chain in gold on body
Butterfly Tag Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Death's Cupid Cherub Pendant Necklace Chain By Statement_01Death's Cupid Cherub Pendant Necklace Chain By Statement_03
Death's Cupid Pendant Sale price€37,95 EUR
skull cupid pendant in gold on white backgroundMens Skull Cupid holding gun Pendant in gold on chain
Death's Cupid Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Mini Padlock Necklace Pendant by Statement Collective_01Mini Padlock Necklace Pendant by Statement Collective_03
Mini Padlock Pendant Sale price€31,95 EUR
Gold mini padlock pendant by STATEMENTMens gold padlock pendant necklace on body
Mini Padlock Pendant (Gold) Sale priceFrom €37,95 EUR
heart pendant on silver spiked chainheart-pendant-silver-spiked-chain
gold heart pendant on spiked chain 18k goldspiked chain with heart pendant gold
"The Unholy" Pendant"The Unholy" Pendant
"The Unholy" Pendant Sale price€43,95 EUR
mens skull pendant necklace silver by statement collectiveBite The Bullet Skull Pendant Necklace Charms & Pendants STATEMENT
"Bite The Bullet" Pendant Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Sold out"The Guard Dog" Pendant Necklace Charms & Pendants STATEMENT "The Guard Dog" Pendant Necklace Charms & Pendants STATEMENT
"The Guard Dog" Pendant Sale priceFrom €50,95 EUR
Sold outdeath's head moth necklace pendant by statement collectiveSilver Death Moth Necklace Pendant By Statement Collective
Death's Head Moth Pendant Sale priceFrom €43,95 EUR
Leaving Soonsnake and dagger necklace pendant by statement collectivesilver dagger pendant with snake by statement collective
Skull Heart Mens Pendant Necklace by Statement Collective_01Skull Heart Mens Pendant Necklace by Statement Collective_03
Skull Heart Pendant Sale price€31,95 EUR
Fallen Angel Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT Fallen Angel Pendant Necklace Accessories STATEMENT
Fallen Angel Pendant Sale price€37,95 EUR
French Cross Pendant Necklace by Statement Collective_01French Cross Pendant Necklace by Statement Collective_06
French Cross Pendant Sale price€31,95 EUR
Custom Initial Letter Pendant Necklace-1Custom Initial Letter Pendant Necklace-2
Custom Initial Letter Pendant Sale priceFrom €21,95 EUR
freshwater pearl necklace with pendantmodel wearing pearl jewellery
Sold outDainty Paperclip Choker Chain Necklace With Pendants_01Dainty Paperclip Choker Chain Necklace With Pendants_04


The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Trendy Neckwear presents extensive insights into the evolving trends of pendant necklaces. This comprehensive guide explores a variety of designs from Statement Collective.


What are the Latest Pendant Necklace Trends?

The latest pendant necklace trends are defined by boldness and personal expression. Statement pieces with oversized pendants, necklaces featuring distinct shapes and textures, and designs with mixed metals are all the rage.

Discovering the Beauty of Dagger Necklace Designs

Dagger necklace designs create the perfect blend of elegance and edge. The dagger design projects everything from brutalist to minimalist style. Dagger necklaces WILL make a statement, sparking interest and conversation while adding an edge to any outfit.

Unlocking Individuality with the Lock Necklace

Unlocking individuality has never been easier than with the lock necklace. This stylish piece of jewelery adds an edginess to any outfit. A symbol of protection and security, the lock necklace is a contemporary staple.

Exploring the Timeless Appeal of Cross Pendant Necklaces

Cross pendant necklaces have a timeless appeal. Their significance lies not only in their simplicity and elegance but in the meaning you give it as an individual. Over the years, their popularity has not faded, but cemented itself in daily fashion.

Onyx Necklace: Embracing the Mystique of Black Gems

An onyx necklace offers a classy edge. Taking the sophistication of black gems, and the edginess of our high grade stainless steel, the necklace emphasises the wearer's personality. Its delicately crafted design highlights the gem's natural brilliance, making it an irresistible and timeless accessory.

Elevating Style with the Cobra Pendant

The Cobra Pendant is a statement piece that seamlessly elevates any style. Capturing the beauty of the dangerous yet mesmerising cobra. Its intricate details make it the perfect accessory for streetwear and formal attire. Your style instantly elevated, the Cobra pendant commands attention.

How do you choose the right pendant necklace for your outfit?

When choosing the right pendant necklace for your outfit, consider the occasion you're dressing for. Choose a pendant that complements the style you're aiming to achieve; elegant, slimmer pendants for more formal settings and tighter clothing and chunky, edgy pendants casual streetwear settings.

Understanding the Prowess of Fallen Angel Necklace Style

The Fallen Angel Necklace embodies the perfect blend of sophistication and edge. It symbolising strength and resilience, makes for a great fashion statement. This stand-out design will effortlessly elevate any outfit.

Unlocking Individuality with the Padlock Necklace

Unlocking individuality with the Padlock Necklace allows for a unique fashion statement. This design offers a perfect balance for those seeking a brutalist style. Its design symbolises security and commitment while adding an edge to your overall style.

Skull Necklace: Adding an Edgy Vibe to Your Look

A skull necklace can add edginess to any outfit. The skull design is a bold statement piece. Whether paired with a leather jacket for a rocker vibe or to add an edge to a formal outfit, a skull necklace demands attention and expresses individuality.

Embracing the Charm of the Deaths Head Moth Necklace Designs

The deaths Head Moth necklace design captures your individuality seamlessly. Whether being worn daily or for special occasions this design will turn the heads of everyone around you.

Skull Heart Necklace: Balancing Edginess with Romance

The Skull Heart Necklace blends edginess and romance, and the darkness that can come with love into a singular design. The fusion creates a distinct yet balanced style, perfect for those who appreciate a hint of rebellion in their fashion statements.

How do you find the best pendant necklaces for every occasion?

When searching for the perfect pendant necklaces, consider the ensemble you'll wear and the event's formality. Everyday occasions might call for minimalist, delicate designs, while significant events may require bold, statement pieces. Pendants with gemstones or birthstones add a touch of personality. Lastly, always ensure that the pendant's style aligns with your taste.

Exploring the Versatility of 18k Gold Pendant Necklaces

Gold pendant necklaces are incredibly versatile jewellery pieces, embodying elegance and sophistication. They can be worn casually or for more formal occasions, effortlessly complementing any outfit. The variety in styles allows individual expression while maintaining an enduring sense of timeless style.

Men's Necklace Pendant: Finding Masculine and Stylish Designs

Selecting a masculine and stylish men's necklace pendant can show off your style and individuality. The variety of designs ranges from simple and minimalist to intricate and detailed, letting every man find a piece that resonates with his sensibility.

Shimmering in elegance with an 18k Gold Necklace with a Pendant

Wearing an 18k gold necklace with a Pendant adds an instant elegance to any attire. The necklace holds sophistication while the pendant you choose can elevate your individual style immediately and show your indviduality.

The Timeless Allure of Stainless Steel Silver Pendant Necklaces

The timelessness of a silver pendant necklaces continues to captivate fashion lovers
worldwide. They effortlessly elevate any outfit with elegance. From minimalist designs to intricate patterns, these versatile necklaces seamlessly blend with all styles.

Discovering the Sophistication of Pearl Pendant Necklaces

Pearl pendant necklaces are a discovery of refinement and elegance in the jewellery world. The beauty of pearls forms a versatile piece that van portray both sophistication and brutalist style, making them the perfect addition to any jewellery collection.


What is a pendant necklace?

A pendant necklace is a type of necklace featuring a piece of jewelry, called a pendant, that hangs from a chain. The pendant may come in multiple shapes and designs, making each piece unique and personal.

What is a moon pendant necklace?

A moon pendant necklace is a type of jewelry with a design or pendant shaped like a moon. The pendant often hangs from a chain.

How long are pendant necklaces?

Pendant necklaces can vary significantly: they typically start at around 14 inches, known as collar length, and can extend up to 36 inches, referred to as opera length. However, most pendant necklaces range between 18 to 22 inches, falling at or just below the collarbone for an elegant enhancement to the neckline.

How to string a pendant necklace?

Choose a sturdy string or chain that suits your pendant and style preference to string a pendant necklace. Thread the string through the hole in the pendant, ensuring it sits correctly. Then, knot or clasp the ends of the string or chain together to secure the pendant in place.

How long should the pendant necklace be?

The length of a pendant necklace should be tailored to the wearer's preference and style. Most pendant necklaces range from 18 to 24 inches in length. However, the pendant must fall in the right place, generally near the collarbone or just below it, enhancing the beauty of the outfit and neck region.

Are pendant necklaces in style?

Pendant necklaces continue to be a significant part of the fashion industry. Their versatility allows them to be paired with various outfits, making them a trendy accessory for many.

How to wear a pendant necklace?

To wear a pendant necklace, first choose a top with a neckline that complements the length of the necklace. Ensure the pendant falls above or below the neckline, not on it. Open the necklace's clasp, place it around your neck,k and secure it. Adjust the pendant so it's centred.

How to tie a pendant necklace?

To tie a pendant necklace, thread your pendant onto your chosen necklace chain. Then, hold both ends of the necklace chain and create a loop at one end. Pass the other end through the loop to form a knot, pulling tightly to secure the pendant. Make sure the knot is secure to prevent the pendant from slipping off.