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Why cross earrings remain stylish year after year?

Cross necklaces have been in the market since the Roman Empire and growing in popularity day by day. Same with the cross earrings, which are rapidly growing and becoming a trend. Various jewellers, Instagram brands, and fashion blogs are also using the trend and becoming the reason to boost their popularity. Cross fashion is not a new trend for those who have danced with Billy Idol or Madonna. Since 2018, most people are wearing cross jewellery as purely aesthetic ones instead of provocative acts. However, cross earrings are known as stylish jewellery to enhance the trendy look of a person. Though they are in the market for years, they increase the elegant look of individuals year after year. 

Where did the trend start?

If we talk about the history and move to the past, then according to the priest Willian Harrison's 1557 text Description of England, some men-specifically lusty countries...and gentlemen of courage-at that time were wearing significant earnings made from gold, pearl, and stones. However, most traces move towards George Michael, who started wearing silver cross earrings in 1980. 

Cross earrings can now be found in different materials such as gold, two-tone gold, diamond, magnetic, and silver. People wear cross earrings made of other materials, and get an elegant look. 

No matter which material you use, it is obvious to get a trendy look every year. The turquoise colour of the magnetic cross earrings or the crafted Avant-garde touch of gold earrings, the thing you will get in common is a trendy look. You can differentiate them on other factors such as gracefulness and comfortability. The love of the cross attracts people towards them and becomes the reason why the trend is always fresh.

Single cross earring

Single earring is also a trend that Michael George also started in 1980 and travelled to 1990 in Michael Jordan's gold hoop. The single cross earring was not so popular, but now it's reemerged and becoming a rapidly growing trend. You may have seen Lil Nas X, Old Town Road rapper, who mainly performs in a hanging cross earring. Many other K-pop singers or singers such as Bad Bunny always wear cross earrings and increase the trend's popularity.

In the modern era cross earrings are increasing the fashion sense of individuals. The elegant look of earrings enhances the personality of a person and stands him out from the audience. 

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