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How to layer necklaces- Simple hacks for styling necklaces

Here's some simple practises that can help you style your necklaces with some clean layers.



When wearing 2 or more pendant necklaces you will need at least 10cm difference in chain lengths if you want clear separation between pieces and to avoid the pendant overlapping onto the next chain. This works for most average size pendants however small micro sized a distance of 5cm will be okay with a smaller gap.


How to layer necklaces Simple hacks for styling necklaces_01


Starting a stack with a choker close to the neck is a good starting point to build from. We recommend
going for a size 2 inches bigger than your neck measures.
If you're going with 2 chokers make the next one
1 inch longer than the first and then choose a
pendant necklace. A pendant will pull the chain down
into a V shape and create some negative space.
You can play around with the chain length to create
more or less negative space or even choose a longer
cuban chain to reduce the gap between pendant and chain.

The model below has a 15 inch neck and is wearing a
17 inch cuban choker and 18 inch light machine chain.


How to layer necklaces Simple hacks for styling necklaces_02



After a while you will get used to the effects of using
certain length chains and start to utilise the negative
space and choose pieces the maximise all the
available area for clean layering.


How to layer necklaces Simple hacks for styling necklaces_03


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