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Product Photography Series- Chiaroscuro

"Chiaroscuro, in art, is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition."

Chiaroscuro in product photography of jewellery utilises deep shadows and strong highlights through the use of lighting and textured dark elements to create contrast between the jewellery and the setting. 316L stainless steel jewellery and accessories are great to photograph because of the way they catch the light and reflect on the sensor of the camera.
tattooed model with pentagram necklace in dark shadows
cross necklace on stone floor with light streak and shadows
Punk skull earring on broken rocks with dark shadows
Skull earrings with unisex pentagram necklace and punk rock choker with french cross pendant
tattooed model with unisex pentagram punk necklace in dark shadow studio
Punk necklace with cross pendant in statement jewellery box on stone surface
unisex punk rock butterfly and pentagram necklaces
unisex punk rock jewellery necklaces on stone surface with dark shadows
unisex skull earring on reflective black surface
tattooed model with unisex pentagram necklace
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