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Article: 5 More Top Fashion Trends From 2018

5 More Top Fashion Trends From 2018

5 Top Fashion Trends of 2018

Disclaimer. These may not be the “best trends” of 2018 but this list certainly ranks as some of the top trends we saw in fashion last year. This list isn't focused solely on what came out of the fashion houses but more so the style we saw worn across social platforms and how these trends were interpreted by the people actually wearing them.


Burberry Print

Burberry seemed to have a moment last year, its classic scottish tartan print seemed to be in flavour in a lot of styling. Many might consider this part of the “ugly aesthetic” wave but there's definitely a reason this classic pattern has remained through time and the Burberry have been able to brand a pattern.



Overcoats and long coats seemed to be an essential piece for style in 2018. Whether it was a pea coat, overcoat, plaid print or shaggy shearling coat this piece had me and a lot of others wishing it was winter all year long. Now I'm not talking about the guy in a t-shirt, jeans, chelsea boots and his new camel coat from H&M, no, the overcoat became the perfect piece for fashion heads style their wide trousers & chunky triple s sneakers while hanging around outside london fashion week hoping to get snapped and end up on High Snobiety. All jokes aside this look bangs and my personal favourite combination is an overcoat on top of a hoodie.


 Elevated Sportswear

Trying to find a nice school outfit? Want to look nice for grandma in your sunday best? That's easy, just grab some nice slacks, black leather brogues, a crisp white dress shirt and then top it off with... a 20 year old Nike crewneck sweater. Yep, life is good when your vintage sportswear becomes appropriate dinner wear, just make sure to spark up a cigarette before snapping a photo of your fresh fit for the gram. White sports socks, vintage sportswear and a bunch of designer house collaborations made this look what it was in 2018.


Logos divided the fashion community last year with many seeing logo laden clothing as part of “flex culture” and we can't deny that the Supreme x LV collaboration had a lot to do with this wave. For the most part this had a lot of us growing tired of seeing excessive red LV's plastered all over Instagram feeds from hypebeasts showing us how good they are at lining up outside of stores, and usually with money they made from reselling backdoored yeezy's for 4x the retail price or just with mommy and daddys credit card. Love them or hate them, monogram pieces were a big force with a lot of fashion houses releasing pieces, we saw it from Gucci, Louis Vuiton (both before Virgil Abloh's debut and after) Burberry and Fendi.

Chest Rigs, Gun Holsters And Other Tactical Wear


I kept this separate from cross body bags because I feel that the trends were quite removed from each other and that the chest rig became a very hyped piece in 2018. Many would cite a photo of Kanye West wearing an Alyx chest rig as the beginning of this wave and we began seeing them everywhere. It's understandable why this became so saturated because they look damn tough, other brands began releasing gun shoulder holsters and then tactical wear worked its way into looks and made it's mark as one of the biggest trends of 2018.