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Looking to enhance your style with a pendant necklace? You’re on the right track, pendant necklaces are a great way to accessorise as you don’t need to get complex to have a killer look. Pendant designs have a lot of creativity and artistry behind the designs and that makes it easy to find something that fits in with your personality and style. Many pendant designs are miniature sculptures and characters which makes them such an expressive piece of jewellery to wear in such a visible spot on your neck.


What to look for in a pendant necklace?

Choosing a pendant necklace is the easiest jewellery purchase you will ever make because it’s usually hard to get wrong. Because they hang down on your neck you don’t need a perfect fit like with a ring and the chain lengths usually vary by about 5cm which has only a subtle difference in where it will sit on your neck. If you’re just starting out, you can achieve a really great look by starting with a single pendant necklace in a classic shape, we recommend the Fallen Angel Medallion Pendant as a great versatile pendant.

When looking for a pendant necklace, start with the design. The design is going to be the main factor, is it something that you connect with? Does it fit well in your overall style and personality? Many of our pendant designs have a theme and story behind the design, either based on an idea, tattoo designs or traditional art. Check out the Death’s Cupid Pendant Necklace for one of our favourites.

Chain length and chain style

Choosing a chain length depends on your body type and height, the taller you are the longer the chain will need to be and vice versa, we include photo examples in our size guide to help you get an idea of where the pendant will sit with the different lengths on various body types. Next is the chain style, there are many different styles that all have a distinctive look, we offer 2mm Curb Chain, 2.9mm Figaro Chain, 3mm Cable Chain, 4mm Rope Chain & 4.5mm Cable Chain as the most common chain styles.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I layer pendant necklaces together?

Because of the average size of our pendants, to have them layer together nicely you should increase the chain lengths by 10cm so the pendant above doesn't sit on top of the next chain. A great 3 pendant stack would go 50cm, 60cm and 70cm to showcase all of the pendants clearly. Learn How To Layer Necklaces

Can I remove the pendant from the chain?

Yes. all of our pendants that slide onto the chain with a bail can be removed from the chain, that way you can mix the chains from our other pendants that you own.

Are the necklaces waterproof?

Yes, all of our jewellery is made with 316L stainless steel which is 100% waterproof, heatproof and non tarnish.

How do I choose the right chain length?

Choosing the chain length will determine where the pendant hangs down to. This will depend on your height and neck size. We put together some photo examples in our sizing guide.