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Statement Collective

Jewellery for different people

What is

Statement collective?

You have something inside of you that sets you apart from the crowd. A drive, a desire or maybe a feeling you can't explain. We always strive to capture that feeling when designing our jewellery. Statement Collective represents the human desire to be unique.

Who are we

What do we do?

Statement Collective was born from a market where jewellers charge far too much for far too little. Broken chains, green necks and straight up bad designs.

You KNOW when a piece of jewellery is good. This knowledge is the heart of our brand, and all of our designs are created to satisfy this feeling.

Because you don't look like everyone else

We make jewellery for different people. People that want to stand out, to impress and to take their place on the world stage.

Statement Collective is everyone that wants to show the world who they are.

Why Statement?

Engineered to last

Premium Materials

Statement designs are brought to life using 316L stainless steel. Uncontested in durability, this ensures your pieces never tarnish, rust or fade. Real 18K Gold is used to coat your gold pieces.

Striking Designs

Unique Vision

Embracing tattoo and gothic culture allows us to create incredible works of wearable art. Lets face it, you don't want to be wearing the same thing as everyone else.

With you for life

Lifetime Warranty

Every piece you receive comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means we'll always be together, through the good times and the bad. Never worry about your jewellery tarnishing, fading or breaking again.