What’s up! Welcome to the Statement Collective. We’re a small independent group of jewellery designers based in Brisbane, Australia where we were founded in 2018. For the last 2 years we’ve been making and designing fashion accessories for people looking to take their outfits to a new level with the design lead by creative director and founder Dan Lowry. As 2020 is progressing we have moved into our 10th release- Drop X, which has seen a big lift in quality and detail from our early days of hand making accessories in Dan’s garage. We want to thank all who’ve been on this ride, supporting us from the beginning and all who will join us from here on in. Your support is everything to us.

Our jewellery is designed to be impactful, intricate, aggressive and worn with purpose. Each piece is carefully crafted with the wearer in mind and manufactured to last a lifetime. 

If you have any questions about our products or want some advice, you can contact Dan anytime by email- or dm him on our instagram @statementvip

"Your personal style tells a story about you, it's an extension of who you are, in that moment, that day, that period of your life. I think finding the style that represents who you are and being able to express that is important, it connects you with who you are. Jewellery and accessories really complete the story you’re telling with your style. They can take a look in completely different direction and say something different depending on how you put them together. A lot of stories have similar foundations, it's the characters that really make it unique. So write it your way, take control of your story and make the statement that you want to make."

- Dan | Creative Director

Big news! We have recently partnered with Urban Wear stores here in Brisbane to as a retailer for Statement jewellery.
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