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Cuban Link Chains

Our full range of Cuban Link Chain. Various sizes of Cuban Links ranging from Cuban Necklace lengths to Cuban Link Choker Sizes.

Cuban Link Chains

The Cuban Link Chain is a staple for any jewellery collection. The unique pattern of the cuban links give this chain it’s undeniable appeal. Cuban chains are highly versatile, it is a piece you can work into almost any style or occasion and this is why it has remained a timeless classic for such a long time. We offer wide range of lengths and sizes of cuban links from subtle every day wear to more complex and exciting embellishments like the Barbed Wire Cuban Necklace and the Crusader Cuban Necklace. Whatever jewellery styling you’re after, a quality cuban necklace is a great place to start.

How to pick the best chain for your style

It’s time to choose your new cuban chain and you might be wondering how to pick the best one for your style. Luckily the versatility of this chain makes it hard to make a bad choice however, when choosing your cuban link chain there are some things to consider.

First would be the link size. We offer 6mm, 9mm, 11mm and 13mm cuban links, this is the width of the chain, 6mm & 9mm are the more everyday subtle look while 11mm & 13mm are the statement chains. For a good all rounder link size we recommend the 9mm Cuban Link Chain.

Second is the length of the chain, do you want your necklace to sit high and close to the neckline as more of a choker style? Or do you want a lower hanging necklace? We recommend checking the sizing guide, measuring your neck and following the example guides to see what length would suit your body type.

What to look for in a Cuban chain

Now you know the size and length of the cuban chain you’re after, what else should you be looking for? In addition to the fit there are also some other important factors that can help you on your journey to choosing your chain.

Cuban Chain Style

There are a number of different styles of cuban links, the most common are Miami Cuban Links & Square Cuban Links among others link curb link, rounded & prong set. We use a squared off link style where the faces of the links are filed flat as well as the sides being filed flat and also a tight compact link to give more individual links in each length of chain. This gives the links and edgy look while also being eye catching due to the flat surfaces catching the light more often.


Cuban Chains can be made from many different metals, the most common is 316L Stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, 18k gold plated stainless steel and solid gold. The colour choice of silver vs gold will depend on your personal preference and then choosing between the metals will also depend on your budget. 316L stainless steel offers the most benefits in the silver colour due to stainless steel being non tarnish and waterproof where silver will oxidise over time and exposure to water. Gold plating give you the look of gold at a fraction of the cost and solid gold is an investment that will hold it’s value.

Quality & Durability

A good quality cuban chain should be polished well, have tight compact links without a large gap in the middle. Link sizes 8mm and above usually enable the chain to have a box clasp which make the chain extra secure and durable.


Consider the price and your budget. We use 316L stainless steel because it will last a lifetime of daily wear and is among the best value for money when it comes to the affordable price point for cuban chains.


Getting a warranty on your purchase will give you extra peace of mind with your new cuban chain. We give a lifetime warranty on all purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our cuban chains are 100% waterproof and non tarnish. You can wear them 24/7, to the gym and in the shower.

Cuban Chains are typically made from 316L stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, gold plated stainless steel or solid gold. We recommend to avoid other alloys like nickel, zinc, brass or copper as they are non hypoallergenic, they will oxidise and tarnish and also give a green mark on the skin.

The look of these two metals is very similar when freshly polished, stainless steel has a slightly deeper blueish hue to it and polishes extremely well & sterling silver will have a slightly more yellow/ white hue and appear overall more bright but not as shiny. Silver is a precious metal so it will be more valuable and expensive however silver is not tarnish resistant and will oxidise over time.

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No, our cuban link chains are 100% non tarnish and won’t discolour your skin.

Yes! We have a 30 day returns policy so if your new chain doesn’t fit how you like, you can return it and swap for a different size or different product. See our Exchanges Policy for more information