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Article: Why a rope chain necklace is a must have in 2022?

Why a rope chain necklace is a must have in 2022?

A rope chain necklace is made up of metal or plated with any type of material you desire, such as gold plated, silver plated, stainless steel plated, and even diamond plated. It is designed in a way that segments connect or are linked to each other in a shape of a rope. These segments can be of any material you desire and are connected tightly in twos and threes, resembling a twisty style like an actual rope.

What makes rope chain necklaces popular?

Rope chain necklaces have a very eye-catching design. As said before, it is shaped in a twisted way resembling an actual rope and reflects light amazingly from all angles. Rope chain design is the most lavish, lustrous, and shiny chain, making them really popular worldwide, especially among males. Rope chain necklaces are known well for their robust structure and design. They are manufactured in two styles: thin and thick. Delicate rope chain necklaces look stunning with pendants, making them a secure option, whereas thick rope chain necklaces have a solid appearance and look fabulous on their own without a pendant. You can purchase the ones with beautiful pendants on thin necklaces, making them look elegant. 

Is the rope chain necklace strong?

Aside from rope chain necklace popularity, they are the most durable, heavy, and textural types of necklaces, making them exceptionally strong even for the thinner chains. Rope chain necklaces are known for not coming apart quickly due to their robust nature, but there is a slight issue in connecting the links in the rope chain. Unfortunately, the rope chain’s links are not clicked individually, i.e., they are not wholly joined together. This makes it less resistant to tugging. 


thin rope chain

Thicker or Thinner chains?

Rope chain necklaces come in different widths. Rope chains usually stretch slowly from time to time due to their usage, just like most chains. Its effect will be more visible in the thinner chains. If you have a thicker chain, that change will not be visible as it will not scratch as much as the thinner one. It is better if you opt for the broader necklace as the links can be easily be repaired when broken due to its visual design that will be easier to put back. Thinner chains have their own charm as well because they can look stunning with pendants on them. You can opt for different materials for both of the chains to give you a very different look, e.g. if you want a very sparkly look, you can opt for diamond-plated ones, or if you are willing to have a lavish look, you can opt for gold chains. 

Can the rope chain necklaces be repaired?

Rope chains are very famous for their woven appearance. It seems impossible to fix because of its complex design; however, it can be soldered, requiring a little bit of work due to the complex-linked structure. Jewellers usually have to weave the links to get them back together and seem indistinguishable from the rest of the necklace. One more straightforward weaving method is as follows:

With the help of an end cutter, snip away and cut the bad parts until you get two clean ends. This is a process of removing all broken ends present on the chain.

Now, take a small pair of snips to cut off the small section out of the ends. You can also use a cut-off disk to saw through the end of the chain.

In this step, most jewellers would start weaving the two halves together and try to solder. Instead, you can coat the ends a few times in boric acid and then apply green flux. Then heat it. When the green flux bubbles up upon heating, this is when it is happening. Let the flux do its thing.

The flux will allow the chain to expand, causing it to move in several directions. After a few seconds, it will enable the expansion to stop and let the chain cool down for some time. After it has cooled down, rub it in between your fingers and will allow the bond of flux to break between the joints to make it flexible again. It is okay to let some of the flux fall down on its own. It will not affect soldering. 

If you perform these processes correctly, you will notice that the broken joint will get lost somewhere in the chain, making itself not visible. Take a marker and liberally mark two ends that you are required to join together.

Now, carefully weave two halves together. Do not solder entirely just yet. This is because the two ends you have marked using a marker will melt off somewhere due to the heat applied, and you would require time to find out where it went. Once you locate the other side, solder entirely between two broken chain halves and go back to the first side and finish flowing the solder.

Last but not least, check the joints you have made and be happy with them. If everything goes well, finish off the repair, but polishing the chain and seeing the repair marks disappear, making it sound new.

What makes the rope chains very trendy in 2021?

The rope chain has an exquisite appearance that attracts most people. Rope chains are for both men and women but are more prevalent among men because of their hip-hop vibes and seeming to be very beautifully made. The designs and appearance of this chain make it very trendy nowadays. Rope chain has become very popular in the hip-hop community and was popularized by rap groups, Run D.M.C, Eric B., and Rakim. Most youngsters are obsessed with hip-hop music and follow their favourite stars making the rope chain necklaces very trendy.

Where can you find an authentic rope chain?

Rope chains are a type of jewellery that has been popular for sometime. One of the most iconic elements of this type of jewellery is its rope design. The popularity of rope chains has been on the rise in recent years, and it seems like many people want to wear these types of necklaces. We have a range of authentic rope chains; here are our best sellers-




4mm silver rope chain

The rope chain necklace is a classic jewelry design. This piece can be worn on its own or as a layer among other necklaces. This is a 4mm wide rope chain necklace.

Shop this chain here-




10mm Rope Chain

The Dookie is our nod back to 80's and 90's Hip Hop Jewelry style. Back in the day a thick link rope chain was a staple in hip hop fashion worn by artists like Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Run DMC and often worn with a simple street fit of Raiders gear. Our Dookie chain is a 10mm wide rope chain design available in long hanging lengths in keeping with the original styling. This piece is a heavy hitter and looks amazing simply worn on it's own. 

Shop this chain here-


Rope chains are simple way to add style to your outfit without getting complicated. There is a reason they have remained so popular for a long time. If you're looking to add a new chain to your collection then shop our range of chains here-

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