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Article: Miami Cuban Link Chains vs LA Cuban Link Chains

Miami Cuban Link Chains vs LA Cuban Link Chains

If you already know what a miami cuban link chain is, you might have just read this title and be wondering what is an LA cuban link chain?! In the last 4 or so years a new style of cuban link chain has emerged primarily from the LA area. The LA link style has been slightly altered from the classic jewellery/ hip hop look of miami cuban to a more punk/ rock style with thicker links and sharper, less rounded filing compared to the Miami style. 


Firstly we need to talk about how the foundation of any cuban link chain starts before that beginning is the same for all styles and it's the finishing touches that place the chain into either category.

Cuban Link Chain By Statement_03

Basic chain links are formed by joining round or slightly oval jump rings together into the length of chain, at this point the first action is taken that begins to shape the links into what looks like a cuban chain, the links are all twisted at the join to face the same way. 

Cuban Link Chain By Statement_04
Cuban Link Chain By Statement_05

The next stage is to file down the top of the links to give it the signature cuban look however it's in the filing that will give the chain either a Miami style or the newer LA style. The filing for a Miami Cuban will typically round off at the outer edges giving the face of the chain a curved and more polished appearance, this is usually done by hand and takes great skill and control to produce an even uniform curve from end to end so when this is done right it is a sign of an experienced jeweller. 

Cuban Link Chain By Statement_05

Where the LA Cuban link makes it's difference is that the filing on the top of the link is kept strictly flat and much less metal is taken off the top of the links, only just enough to give a small flat oval shape on the top of each link. The next feature that is not typically seen on Miami Cubans is that the sides of the links are also filed and they are also filed flat, so now you have a chain is very flat, sharp and aggressive looking with parallel facets on the top, bottom and sides as opposed to a smooth rounded polished look that is more commonly seen.



Who suits which style?

The Miami Cuban is typically a hip hop style that is sought in solid gold with big bold link sizes and as a traditional jewellery item bought for daily wear and purchased in more palatable sizes like 5-7mm width links.

The LA Cuban is more suited to a punk/ rock style with chunky link sizes 10-20mm and looks best worn with multiple sizes. This style is best purchased in stainless steel because there is more metal in each link meaning if it were sold by the gram with the current gold and silver prices, these pieces would be much more costly and price most of the interested buyers out of the market.

Cuban Link Chain By Statement_06

If you're looking for a high quality stainless steel Cuban Link Chain. We've got you covered, head to our store and pick a piece today!


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