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"3 of Swords" Tarot Pendant Necklace

Chain: 3mm Cable Chain
Size: 45cm/ 18 inch


Introducing our 3 of Swords Pendant, a profound symbol drawn from the world of tarot that encapsulates the intricate interplay between logic and emotion, heartbreak, and growth. In the realm of tarot, the Three of Swords card stands as a commanding representation of the trials and tribulations of life. It poignantly signifies heartbreak and grief, with three piercing swords of logic and reason cutting through a radiant, emotional heart.

This powerful imagery serves as a reminder that it is often through pain and suffering that we gain the wisdom necessary to avoid potential pitfalls and navigate the intricate maze of life. The Three of Swords, in all its somber beauty, symbolizes a form of suffering that ultimately makes us stronger, wiser, and more vigilant in our journey.

Our 3 of Swords Pendant features a complete heart, yet it is bound by chains, with three swords penetrating its core. This serves as a visual representation of the challenging decisions we sometimes face in life. At times, to maintain logic and reason, we may find it necessary to release emotional attachments, leading to heartache.

Wearing this pendant is a constant reminder to strike a harmonious balance between the head and the heart, a delicate equilibrium that we often strive to achieve in our daily lives.

Crafted from durable 316L stainless steel, this necklace is not only a stylish accessory but also a symbol of resilience. It will never tarnish or discolor, ensuring it maintains its timeless appeal. Moreover, it is 100% waterproof, making it a safe choice for everyday wear, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Stunning 3D pendant design inspired by tarot.
  • Intricate detail from the spiked chain wrapping the heart to the 3 swords piercing through.
  • Cast in 316L stainless steel giving it a high end polished shine that will last.
  • Non tarnish means it will stand up to daily wear without discolouring.