Statement Necklace Stacks & mens necklace sets in bundled pricing.
"The Guard Dog" Set $239.95 AUD $289.90 AUD
Angel & Dagger // Stack $179.95 AUD $210.00 AUD
Crucifix Set // Stack $229.95 AUD $259.90 AUD
Crybaby // Stack $249.95 AUD $309.85 AUD
Cuban Set (Custom Pendant Choice) from $89.95 AUD $109.90 AUD
Date Night // Stack $169.95 AUD $200.00 AUD
Date Night // Stack (Gold) $209.95 AUD $250.00 AUD
Dead Love // Stack $199.95 AUD $240.00 AUD
Figaro Set (Custom Pendant Choice) from $89.95 AUD $109.90 AUD
Handle With Care 2.0 // Stack $259.95 AUD $310.00 AUD
Mirrored // Stack $239.95 AUD $290.00 AUD
Pearl Set (Custom Pendant Choice) from $149.95 AUD $189.90 AUD
Protect Ya Neck // Stack $329.95 AUD $390.00 AUD
Rope Set (Custom Pendant Choice) from $79.95 AUD $99.90 AUD
Sharp Objects // Stack $299.95 AUD $360.00 AUD


Layered necklace stacks are a great way to show off your style and creative expression. Having a stack of intricately layered necklaces shows your personality and adventurous style. Our necklace stacks are all pre-designed and curated by the Statement Collective stylist so you can wear these styled layers without having to work out the lengths yourself. Check out the Sharp Objects & Dead Love stacks for our most popular creations.

Why buying a necklace stack is a good idea

Can you replicate it yourself? If you aren’t sure of what sizes to choose for each necklace to create your own necklace stack then these are a great choice, all of the sizing is preselected to give the pictured layers. The whole point of jewelry is that it's supposed to be unique and personal—it should reflect who you are as a person, not what other people think about your style or taste in jewelry. At the end of the day, what really matters is that you wear jewelry that makes you happy.

What makes a good necklace stack?

It's important to remember that jewelry is a form of self-expression. You wear it because it makes you feel good, whether that means it signifies something about who you are or what you value. If your jewelry doesn't make you happy, there's no point in wearing it! There are many factors to consider when buying jewelry, but in the end what really matters is that you wear jewelry that makes you happy. If it has significance to you or someone else close to you, then this will make it even more special.

How many necklaces should you wear at one time?

The great thing about accessorising with jewelry is that there are no hard and fast rules only guidelines and recommendations to help you along the way. Jewelry is a form of personal expression and because of this, the choice is all yours to make! Some people stay on the conservative side and stick to 1-2 necklaces at a time while others with a more adventurous style might wear 5+ necklaces together. What matters is that you like how it looks and feels when you’re wearing it.

Questions & Answers

They are individual pieces, our stacks are essentially a bundle of our existing pieces just selected in an arranged way. If you buy one of our stacks you can wear the pieces individually or together as pictured. Buying a necklace stack is great option because they have a bundle discount applied so it’s a great way to get several necklaces at a better price that look great together and can be worn on their own as well.

There is always a chance that necklaces can get tangled together if you have multiple piece on at one time however it’s only likely to happen if you sleep with them all on or play sports, if you are simply going out with friends or to an event then they probably won’t tangle up. If it does happen it’s usually quite easy to reset them, if they are stuck in a tricky way, simply unclasp them and carefully separate.

Look for something unique that matches your style and personality. When choosing a necklace stack you should consider if it fits in with your daily wardrobe, if it’s something you can imagine yourself wearing on multiple occasions then it is a great purchase. Remember, jewelry styling should make you feel great and like the best version of yourself!