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DEAD COWBOY X STATEMENT "Slayer" Pendant Necklace

Chain: 3mm Cable Chain
Size: 40cm/ 16 inch


Our first ever Design Competition Collection is here! Submissions began late October 2022 across 2 categories- Ring Design & Pendant Design. The competition was tough, the talent in the submissions was obvious and choosing the winning pieces was no easy task! We ended up choosing 2 winners from each category. This is the Slayer Pendant by Brandon aka The Dead Cowboy.

The slayer design was a shoe in from the moment it was submitted, the sketch would clearly translate incredibly will into a cast pendant. The artwork of the snake being pierced by a dagger taps directly into our love for flash tattoo as jewellery inspiration and after producing the piece it's clear that this is a timeless and classic pendant worth snatching up while it's available.

"Reminded of the dangers aligned with temptation, the serpent strikes upwards being pierced by a jewelled and honed blade. Such a weapon would be the instrument of a strong mind who's rituals be that of constant sorting of the knowledge and false wisdoms that drip from tongues of the sly and treacherous. Thy Serpent shall tempt, thy Slayer shall Slay…"

- Brandon aka The Dead Cowboy

Brandon Artist Feature
  • 20mm x 27mm oval pendant with twisted rope border.
  • Tattoo flash design featuring a snake pierced by a dagger.
  • Aged antique finish giving a traditional feel to the design.
  • Won't oxidise or discolour. Waterproof & non tarnish.
  • 3D raised design on a textured background.
  • Various chain style and length options available.