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Fashion Trends That Should Stay For 2019

80's/ 90's Vintage Aesthetic

Vintage band tees have been on a wave for some time now and the trend doesn't look to be slowing down. Many brands are now trying to perfect production of T-Shirts that look 30 years old. Recently Balenciaga released their Speedhunter collection and it has been a massive hit. Aside from the vintage tee, the 80's/90's aesthetic has worked it's way back into modern style and is definitely something that should stay for 2019.

Shearling/ Sherpa 

In 2017/18 shearling & sherpa material seemed to be on everything. Lining denim jackets, biker jackets, flannels and Fear of God even dropped a hoodie entirely made of sherpa. There's no denying that a good jacket with sherpa lining is a timeless piece that can stay in a wardrobe for a lifetime.

70's Style & Flared Pants

Flared pants, dagger collars, turtlenecks and other elements of the 1970's fashion is back and we are all for it. Raid your parents or your grandparents closets and bring back some of these iconic traditional fashion flavours.

Cross Body/ Men's Bags

Recently mens bags have taken many different shapes and sizes and to be honest, it's a really good thing. Every gone out in pants with short pockets or only with side pockets? Your lower half ends up looking like a dog thats been caught eating something it's not supposed to. Men have things too, if you're a phone, wallet, keys guys then thats cool but what if you need a few more things? Better to have a back than big overstuffed pockets!



Tonal Colour Coordination/ Colour Blocking

Undoubtedly the best on the list. This style of dressing takes a strong knowledge of the colour wheel, what tones/ shades actually work with each other and complimentary colour coordination. It's about understanding the difference between wearing 3 different shades of red vs wearing red, clay and brown. A really good tonal or colour blocked outfit will definitely stand out, it's the type of flexing I only want to see on Instagram in 2019 because it's flexing style not logos.