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Article: Heart pendants are out, or are they still in trend?

Heart pendants are out, or are they still in trend?

A Heart Pendant Necklace is considered a symbol of love. They are stunning; however, their special meaning makes them more adorable. In the past, these pendants were exchanged between couples to express their love for each other. Moreover, people used them to wear for a lifetime because of so many characters, i.e., lightweight, decency, identity, and classical look.

Over time, some people thought them out of fashion, but in reality, they are not. They were, are, and will eternally be in fashion, everywhere. Yes, the style has indeed been transformed. People now use them with embellished patterns like flames, skulls, and chains wrapped around them. However, we all knew that bringing new life to an old idea is always classy.

Let’s have a look at different silver heart pendant necklace styling,

Chain Styling

One can use a heart pendant with different chains like a nickel-free chain, curb chain, silver-plated chain, double or triple chains, Cuban chain, or straight chains. Many other chains are also available in the market, which will give your heart pendant necklace a new appearance. You can also select the chain according to the kind of occasion you are going on. People often use double or triple chains for wearing a single necklace. It aids you to look different and unique.

Pendant Styling

Accompanying the chains, there are different types of heart pendants available in the market. These include different classy shapes in the heart like double hearts in a single heart, broken hearts, other elegant buildings carved on the heart, a cross sign engraved in the pendant, and much more. You can customize the heart pendant in any way you want. In addition, you can get various shapes carved on your pendant for other styling purposes.

Skull Styling

Skull styling is the best pendant style that is in demand. In this style, there is a skull embellished in the heart. This skull gives your pendant an elegant and freakish look. If you want grace, styling, and elegance in one necklace, you must go for a heart-shaped skull pendant. Ancient people use skulls for their protection against adversity. They also have the purpose of winning strength from high powers. Now, this skull is also a symbol for life. This way, a skull with a heart makes it so unique for us.

Stone Styling

As far as stone styling is concerned, stones are always in demand. You can get a heart pendant necklace made with stone. Hand-made stone-style heart pendants are rare, but each piece has its uniqueness. Stone-style pendants with different colours show a joyful and passionate mood so that you can wear these at various kinds of colourful parties. Get a perfect stone-styled heart pendant necklace for you or your family member. This will be the best gift ever.

Heart Pendant with Birth Stones

Some people use a heart pendant with birthstones or the stones that they get suggestions for. The alluring style of these heart pendants is just superb. You can never go unnoticed if you are wearing a silver pendant heart necklace with birthstones. You can even purchase these for your children.

Picture Styling

Picture styling is always in fashion, whether printing it on a mug or inserting it within your heart necklace. People use to put the picture of their loved one in their pockets, on cups, in wallets, or their necklaces. You may have looked at different necklaces that can be opened and have a place inside to put something into them, like pictures. You can purchase it yourself and have a picture of your love, or you can put your & your loved one picture into it and then send it as a gift.

Romantic & Vintage Styling

Here comes the unique style heart pendant, romantic & vintage style. This style often comes in a unique and soft look. Its delicateness makes it attractive to look and graceful to style. If you want a meticulous, precious, and delicate realization of a necklace, then you should go for this one. Often couples use it as a gift for their partner. However, you can also use this for the same purpose.

Styling with punk rock interests

Silver heart pendant necklace can never be out of fashion but comes out to be more trendy, stylish, and elegant. If you love to express yourself through your interest in punk rock culture and love to wear heavily branded pieces of bold colours and jewelry that go well with hip-hop music culture, then wearing silver heart pendants with contemporary styling can do a magic personality.


The silver heart pendant necklace can never go out of style. If you going to gift to your partner, this heart pendant is the most exquisite and stunning choice for you. Moreover, you can grab it at a very reasonable price. Different styles are available at different price ranges.


Whether you are looking to show someone you love them or just looking to add an elegant touch to your jewellery collection, a heart pendant necklace will always be a classic. We designed a heart pendant made of two skulls facing outward which you can check out HERE

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