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Article: What makes the signet ring a timeless classic?

What makes the signet ring a timeless classic?

Men's Signet ring, also known as the 'gentlemen ring' or 'sealing ring,' is a family ring usually a part of and traditionally seen as a family heritage. For many centuries, signet rings have been used to form a family crest or coat of arms. 

Men Signet Rings today.

Nowadays, men or even women wear this to exhibit an antique style or connect with someone or something traditional such as their family. Some people choose to have their family crest or name engraved on the rings, while most decide to use this as a creative gift. Many people prefer to buy or give gifts to adult or on special occasions such as weddings. The popularity of signet rings has started to increase to this day because of the positive portrayal in popular cultures or history shows shown in series or movies showing the rank of a higher person.

How are men's signet rings made?

Men's signet rings are designed to have a flat brazen surface with engraved writing in reverse. The engraved design is usually in intaglio (the printmaking technique), which will leave an impressive design if the ring is pressed into a sealing wax or soft clay. If you are interested in choosing a ring for yourself, you are free to choose any design and a stone for your ring as per your preference and choice.


The shapes of the ring you could choose from are:

Oxford Oval: 

This is the most popular and very traditional style and shape of the ring. Usually considered to be the primary or default design of the signet ring. 


It is considered to be a very occurring and existing style as the oxford oval. It is said to be an upgrade or creative version of the traditional oval-style ring.


This is an exquisite and beautiful looking diamond shape design that seems quite creative and unusual.


This is considered a favourite during the Victorian era is having a soft, square-shaped design looking quite simple, different, and a traditional look if you are into Victorian culture.

After choosing the shape of your ring, you can also select any stone of your choice. The stone you can choose from is Tiger's eye, onyx, Sardonyx, Lapis Lazuli, Cornlein, Bloodstone.

Myths of Men's Signet Rings

Men who wear the ring on their thumb are the sons who no longer have estates.' This means that they feel they should have one but make do with selling other people's estates for Foxtons.

In the past, one could not wear a signet ring unless earned, either by birthright or purchase.

Many more people wear a signet ring passed down from generation to generation, which will continue for the foreseeable future. These rings are authentic signet rings, but the markings are not unique to the current ring bearer.

Why are they so popular?

The most important and common reason for their popularity is their ability to go with everything. Female signet rings are not much bulky and are available in countless varieties, so; one can match signet rings with everything. It isn't easy to get jewellery that is affordable and can match every outfit. So, signet rings are people's favourite and becoming famous. 

Moreover, it shows your value and what you stand for because, basically, a signet ring is a piece of jewellery. With a signet ring, you can choose to pick any symbol or style you think holds close to you. You only have to go to the market and select the perfect gemstone with the suitable metal that speaks to you and matches your skin tone. You can read guides to compare and buy suitable material for yourself from the internet. 

The other benefit is carrying your lucky mark with you wherever you want to go. Means signet rings can be matched with any outfit, and if you have a significant impact, you can take that with you on any occasion. Signet rings symbolize you and reflect your personality, and they are also customizable. So, here you also got the freedom to choose and make the design of your choice and stand out from the competition. They are also available in a variety of materials, metals, and gemstones. You only have to choose your best or favourite metal tone, and it can look unique. 

Signet rings are full of style and variety with the liberty of superior design, and these capabilities of signet rings make them stand at the top of trending. Therefore, they are one of the jewellery pieces which you can't miss. So, what are you waiting for? Shop the best signet rings and wear them on your pinky fingers to keep yourself updated with fashion style and trends. 

Owning a signet ring is a sure way to add style and class to your look. The best way to begin wearing rings is to pick a classic that is versatile and that is what luxury mens rings like a signet design will do! Click Here to shop our full range of rings.

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