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Article: How to get hired in the urban jewelry industry?

How to get hired in the urban jewelry industry?

Just as working in other industries involve sets of procedures and rules, working in the urban jewellery industry requires some guidelines to be followed. These procedures are essential to perform well in the industry of your choice and retain for an extended period as a professional or expert in the particular field. To be a part of the urban jewellery industry, you need to be interested in gems and jewellery and be interested in your customers and knowing about their choice and preferences. To get hired in the urban jewellery industry, one should:

Have the necessary education required
To be an urban jeweller, you should have a minimum of a high school diploma. Suppose you are already sure about being a jeweller since college. In that case, you can choose a course that can help you become familiar with computer skills, computer-aided designing (CAD), business, or even gemology. Most jewellers do not have any special education specifically related to urban jewellery; they have to train to learn about the jewellery they are working with. Most employers prefer candidates with education and knowledge of jewellery to enter the industry, such as jewellery apprenticeships. These take about a year to complete, and candidates will learn how to perform castings, engravings, model makings, and stone settings which help a lot in working professionally with jewellery such as urban jewellery.

Passing the Background check
In this industry, you are basically required to deal with a lot of expensive things. Before qualifying to enter this field, make sure you don't have any criminal records to assure that there will be no security risks if you deal with jewellery. Employees in this industry are hired through intensive security and background check to trust the jeweller that he/she is reliable for the job. 

Pursue retail jobs
It is pretty tough to get in as soon as you apply to be a jeweller. Try to work in a retail store to gain customer experience, and this will improve your communication skills which is an essential part of being a jeweller. 

Talk to people already in this industry.
It is essential to talk to an experienced person present in this field for many years and ask them about their experience relating to the job. You can conduct an informative interview type, and most people will definitely be willing to talk to you about their career and experiences in this field. You can interview several people currently working in this industry with a lot of experience. The types of questions you can initiate are,
What does a typical workday look like for you?
What do you wish you had known before you took the job?
The most challenging part of your job?
Any recommendations and suggestions for me?
Make a professional resume.
This resume should be professionally made and clearly state your education and experiences in sales and customer service. If you are familiar with people already working in this urban jewellery industry, it's a good sign as these can be your references. Suppose you have just graduated from high school and you have no experience yet. In that case, you can present the kinds of activities you have participated in, which are very similar to the requirements in working as a jeweller, i.e., If you were a part of school activities that involved selling goods, this is a sales experience. Similarly, if you were a part of a group activity as an accountant or treasurer, that means you had to manage the group's money and gained some experience in budgeting. You can also express your knowledge of the urban jewellery field.

Develop a professional cover letter
In the cover letter, express your passion for working in this industry and show who much you are interested in this job. Take the initiative in making yourself a very valuable and attractive candidate. Explain any jobs you have done before and experience that could help you in this urban jewellery industry. 

Start looking at reliable job sites.
Search for jobs from a reliable job site depending on the region you live in and the places you are very interested in working at. You can also ask around people you have already interviewed to let you know when the job postings open. Watch out for the jobs when they become available and do not and apply immediately. 

Apply widely
When searching for jobs or applying, it is unnecessary to apply to work in small local businesses. It is always better to expand your horizon and apply to many companies that offer your fascinating job. It is also excellent to apply to various positions as you never know what the experience might be on the job. 

Keep trying
From application to waiting for a job, all this time could be very stressful and almost impossible to wait for. Make good use of this time by polishing your retail and customer service skills as you wait for the job acceptance. Mostly, it is pretty impossible to get accepted for the first job you apply for. Don't lose hope; keep on using and work on your skills until you get taken for your desired position.

Stop by the stores you would like to work at
It is vital to go and look at the place you would be working at. Look at the work environment, shop location, and co-workers and their work style. It is always better to initiate a conversation with the people working there and feel free to demonstrate your interest. Be upfront about your interest and the position you are interested in. 

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