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The cuban link chain is one of the most popular and trending chain styles when we talk about men’s jewelry. It’s always on top of the list and can never run out of trend in the hip-hop jewelry scene. This chain has an interlocking pattern that makes it attractive.

A cuban chain can be made from different metals such as gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and brass so it's important to know that the price difference can vary massively depending on which metal you decide to go with.
Let’s discuss about the types of metal used in making Cuban link chain, to aid more understanding.

1. Brass is one of the most commonly used metals for accessories, due to its partial resemblance to gold. From the outset, it has been used in crafting beautiful designed jewelry. Brass is durable, affordable and also a strong metal, it makes for secure settings for gemstones.

2. Sterling Silver is an alloy which contains about 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, which are mostly copper. This silver made Cuban chain is also more affordable compared to gold, and a great choice for jewelry. Even though, it is prone to tarnishing, which makes it a must to be plated to prevent oxidation to take place (rusting).

3. Stainless Steel is a highly durable metal allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities, due to its hardness. Stainless steel resists scratches and corrosion, thanks to an invisible layer of chromium that prevent it from oxidation. It is a very affordable product which maintains its shape and appearance for many years. They shine constantly and does not appear fade no matter how aged it is. When it comes to choosing accessories (rings, bracelet). Stainless steel is a smart choice for everyday wear and for every occasion both day and night. They are not as expensive as gold & silver.

Gold is very expensive compared to all other metals, to get a gold Cuban link chain, it might cost you between $3000-$20k, and Silver is also expensive but not to the extent of Gold, a good silver Cuban link chain will typically cost you up to $1000. As for stainless steel you can get a great daily cuban chain for $50-$100.

Your Cuban link chain can be worn anywhere and be used to compliment any type of outfit be it casual wear or Formal wear. The chain can be worn every day, that is the reason why we suggest that you buy a stainless-steel Cuban link chain because it is waterproof and sweatproof so it won't oxidise with heavy, regular wear.

A standard Cuban chain thickness
FOR MEN:8mm-12mm
FOR WOMEN:5mm-8mm
We have a large range of CUBAN LINK CHAINS suitable for any occasion. Shop now and add some heat to your outfit!