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Article: Understanding Figaro Chains

Understanding Figaro Chains

Figaro chain is a jewellery piece designed to have one elongated oval link followed by two to three smaller circular rings that look very similar to a cable chain or curb link chain. This piece of jewellery is often customized with pendants such as crosses or medallions and is often/usually worn by men. These chains are pretty easy to make by yourself due to the simple arrangement or pattern of the chain design. 

History of Figaro chains

The main element differentiating the Figaro chain from other chains is its single elongated oval link followed by tiny rounded links. This unique design makes them a distinctive piece of jewellery. 
Figaro chains are initially from Italy, and to this day, Italians have the best and fine chain makers. Figaro chains were named after the main characters of the classical operas 'The Barber of Seville' and the 'Marriage of Figaro.' The Figaro strongly connects with men's jewellery, making it very popular among men due to its simplicity in design. Both men are very famous and well known in the 18th century in Italy. Due to a connection with its possible Italian origins, it could be found that the rows of upper-class Italian gentlemen sitting in the theatre are wearing Figaro-style chains while watching Figaro in action. The chain is also becoming very known by women, but till this day, it has been way more popular among men. 

How Figaro chains are different from other chains?

Sometimes people also associate Figaro chains with the Curb chains because both contain twisted and flattened links. However, various variations make the Figaro chain stand out of a similar category. For example, the multiple smaller links in Figaro chains differentiate it from the curb, trace, belcher, and cable chains. Moreover, the contrast carries on, and the stretched link of the same design makes them entirely different from each other. Thinking about this scenario, we can say Figaro's Design is the variation of chains instead of saying distinctive ones. There are various Figaro chains in the market, such as different sizes, simple, pretty designs, and even chains with alternating short and long links. The most common benefit of elongated links in the Figaro chains is allowing the illusion of length, even in smaller sizes. So, the main point to know which differentiates the Figaro chains from others is the various number and shape of links throughout the chain. 
The Figaro chain can also be said as the mutant chain because it separates the chain sections and looks like two different chain designs are linked or attached. Despite all these, the design of the Figaro chain is thoroughly surprising and is perfectly balanced. Moreover, the Figaro chains are usually diamond cut to give them the perfect shape, highlight flattened sections, or build more unique and attractive links. You can find some diversity in designs based on the shape and size of the chains and links. Some variations found on Figaro chains may also be found on curb chains, such as octagonal links meaning the interpretations can be transferred. 

How are Figaro chains made?

The Figaro chains have flattened links that vary in different sizes. These chains are straightforward to make by yourself. All you have to do is insert an elongated link in a pattern such that it comes after every 2-4 regular links or so. A popular way mainly followed or used as a default design is three circles and an elongated oval. Most Figaro chains are interconnected chains meaning that each link on the chain lies flat.
Fixing a Figaro chain is also easy to work, making it more popular and extending its life. Unlike other chains where you can't replace the link and fix it because of their pattern, Figaro chains can easily be fixed if the link is broken. But in other chains, if the link is broken, you need to throw off the pattern. Figaro chains are made of thick chains which are solid and durable, so they don't usually break easily and have a long life. 
The Figaro chains are one of the most popular and lovely types of chains, and the reason behind their popularity is their design which may look simple but is way fancier than a simple cable chain. The Figaro is strongly connected to men's jewellery, and you will rarely find a men's jewellery section without the Figaro. As the Figaro chain has a solid historical background and has connections with Italian origins, you may have seen many upper-class Italian men wearing Figaro-style jewellery in the market, theatre, etc. However, the Figaro is not only resistant to the men's section; it has also found a place in women's fashion but remains a constant popular option for men. 



Can you put a pendant on a Figaro chain?

Yes, you can put a pendant on a Figaro chain. A Figaro chain is an Italian-style necklace that consists of several small and large links, usually three small, followed by one large. This unique pattern makes it easy to attach a pendant or charm to the chain. To do this, use a jump ring to connect the pendant's loop to one of the more prominent links in the Figaro chain. Jump rings are available in various sizes, so make sure to find one that fits securely around both the pendant and the chain link. With some care, your pendant will stay securely attached to your Figaro chain for years.

Are figaro chains strong?

Figaro chains are strong and durable. They are made from solid metal. Usually, sterling silver or stainless steel, the links are thick enough to provide a secure hold. The chain is also famous for its stylish look - it's composed of alternating large and small oval links that make it stand out from other types of necklaces. Figaro chains are an excellent choice for everyday wear as they can withstand regular use without losing their shine or shape.

Do figaro chains break easily?

Figaro chains are popular jewellery chains made of interlocking oval links. They are generally durable and resistant to breakage. However, like any other chain, the quality of the materials used and the construction of the chain will determine how easily it breaks. Nevertheless, purchasing a high-quality Figaro chain from a reputable jeweller should last many years without breaking.

Are figaro chains unisex?

Yes, Figaro chains are unisex. Figaro chains are link chains that feature three or more oval-shaped links alternating with a tiny circular link. This chain style is popular among men and women and is often used for necklaces and bracelets. It's also possible to find rings and anklets made with Figaro chain links. The wide range of sizes, styles, and metals makes Figaro chains suitable for both genders.

How to style a Figaro chain?

Styling a Figaro chain is easy and can be done in simple steps. First, you'll need to identify the length of your chain. Once you've determined that, you can use it to create a layered look or wrap it around your neck multiple times for a bolder statement. You can also add charms or pendants to the chain to give it a personalized touch. Finally, consider pairing your Figaro chain with other jewellery pieces, such as earrings or rings, for an effortless but stylish look.

What figaro necklace means?

A Figaro necklace is a popular jewellery design featuring a pattern of three short links followed by one long link. The pattern is repeated multiple times, creating an elegant and eye-catching look. It is typically made with gold or silver but can also be found in other materials like stainless steel. The Figaro necklace is often worn as a statement piece and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It's a versatile accessory that can add classic style to any outfit.


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