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Article: Why do we love the Cuban link ring?

Why do we love the Cuban link ring?

What is Cuban Link jewellery?

Cuban link jewellery is a development of jewellery that started in the 1970s. These links are designed so that oval links are put together in a rope pattern. Cuban links are made up of different metals, available in stainless steel, gold, silver, etc. Cuban link accessories are stylish and have a unique look that can never go out of fashion. 

Popularity and history of Cuban Link Jewellery

Going back to the 70s and 80s, Cuban link jewellery came into existence, but it started becoming popular in the 90s, 2000s, and 2010s and now way more than ever in the 2020s. It had started in hip-hop fashion but now it has gone far beyond as it has become a part of authentic pop culture and even styles most jewellery lovers would consider. It has been in existence in designs of link chains and link rings, making it popular by proving not only by the sheer volume of sales but also by how they resell quickly. Cuban link bracelets are an excellent investment as they sell for almost the same amount as they are bought in the first place.

Quality of Cuban Link Jewelleries

Many jewellers try to make thick chains with solid and tightly spaced links using true craftsmanship. Only a few of them can create very high-quality pieces worthy of the hype and can be really eye-catching. Without absolutely stunning craftsmanship and paying attention to the details and finishing of the product, a Cuban link chain might be better off remaining in the form of a 24K gold bar because without craftsmanship, it is no use for even trying to make these types of jewellery.

Suggested Quality to be used for your product

If you want to go for the best visuals of Cuban links, we recommend that you should go for a tighter, flat-link design, and a very high-quality clasp to make it really attractive and worthy, the metal will come down to your personal preference and budget.

What are Cuban Link Rings?

Cuban link rings are an evolution of Cuban link jewellery and have been a scorching trend in the market since the 70s and are most likely to stay popular. Cuban link rings are the perfect recommendation for highly interested people in modern and high-end fashion jewellery. These are rings that are elegantly put together in the form of rope, the braided design which looks pretty eye-catching to wear. 
Properties of Cuban Link Rings

Cuban link rings are very versatile. You wear it in one of your fingers and see the flawless effect on your hands. If you want a Cuban link ring for yourself, make sure you purchase it for the right size of your finger, as these rings are not resizable. If you choose the thickness of your ring, Cuban link jewellery is better when it is thick. 

Pricing of Cuban Link Rings

These rings are not too expensive but do hold value to purchase. These rings can be made in stainless steel, sterling silver, white gold, platinum and solid gold with diamonds which means the pricing can range from \$20-\$3000 depending on your choice of materials.

Cuban Link Ring Styles

  • Big Cuban Rings: These rings look stunning and very comfortable to wear. This ring falls under luxurious design and not very everyday wear for some people, but most who love to wear it can easily make it everyday wear. This design is exquisite and comfortable and could be worn daily to a party, workplace, etc.
  • Bust down: Bust down is known for jewellery, or it is a reference for jewellery pieces in hip-hop and rap cultures. It is known for expensive jewellery items having a lot of diamonds over them. These rings are linked together ideally, with diamonds set on them beautifully. Each ring per piece has about 2 carat round diamonds on it. Due to these beautiful arrangements of diamonds on it, the ring shines stunningly, especially when light is shone upon it, making it seem an exquisite and eye-catching piece. Each of these bust-down rings is hand-drilled and then filled beautifully with diamonds such that it would be called dripping in diamonds because it actually is.
  • Gold Rings with options: These rings come with many options like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold as per your preference. Yellow gold is, of course, the popular one and is the classic choice, but the most trending is the rose gold rings currently. These rings are the same in design as the other Cuban link rings, but it is in plain gold shiny metal, making it a decent and elegant style to be worn daily.

Benefits of Cuban link rings

  • Variety of Choices Available: Cuban link chains come in various metal selections such as gold, silver, stainless steel, platinum, diamond, etc. You can also check out some rose gold or even white gold chains for a different choice, as they can be impressive. Wearing a different colour of your choice can make your jewellery unique from the rest.
  • Fashionable: If you are a person who likes to keep up with the latest trends, Cuban link rings are an excellent choice as you can see them around the hands of many of the rich, famous, and your favourite stars wearing them. If you are a personality who likes to go for an “iced out” look, this kind of ring is just what you need. 
  • Affordable Price: Many of the rings are priced above two thousand dollars, depending on the metal you are willing to have for your ring. You can also make great selections of rings under fifty dollars, depending upon the type of material used for your ring—different jewellers price different price for your order. 

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