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Article: 5 Reasons to Buy a Cuban Link Bracelet

5 Reasons to Buy a Cuban Link Bracelet

1) Options:
Cuban links can be made of almost any metal, including silver, platinum, gold, and other precious material; Gold being the most common. Despite the fact that most gold Cuban link chains are made to appear yellow, other coloured metals may be mixed with gold to alter the final colour. Copper, for example, is used to create rose gold bracelet, while nickel, manganese, and palladium are used to create white gold bracelet

2) Customizable:
The size of your Cuban link bracelet should be decided by your personal preferences; many recommend wearing several smaller cuban link bracelet rather than a single big "kilo" bracelet.
The average Cuban link bracelet weighs 8-10 grams and measures 9 millimetres in width, a far cry from the 10-kilogram, neck-breaking necklace that Daddy Yankee flaunted at his concert!
You can flex on anyone when you sport a cuban link bracelet. Whether you’re heading out to the club for the night or just kicking it with the homies, with Cuban link bracelet you have got a style to match your own.

3) Gold Purity:
When purchasing a Cuban link chain, one of the things to remember is the purity of the gold. The more pure the gold used to make the chain (or the higher the "K's"), the more costly the Cuban link bracelet would be.
An 18k gold bracelet is made up of 75% pure gold, while a 10k Cuban link bracelet is made up of less than 50% gold. Because of the purity gap, the 18k bracelet is about 40% more expensive than the 10k chain.
The minimum karat gold suggested is 14–18 karat. Customers who are concerned about price can opt for a 10k gold chain instead of a 14k gold Cuban link, which can be used as a happy medium.

4) Trending:
The popularity of Cuban link Bracelet is skyrocketing, and many people regard them as a status symbol. Many rappers and hip-hop artists own gold Cuban link bracelets that were custom-made for them. The style is simple and elegant, and it can be worn for any occasion, from business to casual. The Cuban link bracelets will never go out of style; it is and always has been timeless. It's a timeless style that makes a strong comment on everyone who wears it. The bracelets are easy to wear, but they carry a lot of weight. The cuban link style isn't a fad; it's a must!

5) Easy Returns:
If for any reason you are not impressed by the cuban link bracelet, you can always return your online order to the store or exchange it for a better piece.
You have 30 days to return or 60 days to swap your item after purchase. Within 30 days, bracelets can be returned or traded. 

Looking for your own statement piece? Check out our very own Chunky Cuban Bracelet 

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