"The Guard Dog" Pendant Necklace

Size: 35.5cm/ 14 inch
Chain: 9mm Cuban Chain


The Guard Dog Pendant was designed to be our most aggressive pendant yet, a true statement piece. The Doberman is one of the most striking dog breeds and has been a staple theme in hip hop, street fashion and tattoo culture for decades, this piece is a culmination of the influence this has had on us. The piece features an aggressive looking Doberman baring it's teeth with a 9mm Glock in it's mouth and a spiked collar around it's neck.

  • Pendant Height- 36mm
  • Available with 3 different chain options to choose between 6mm & 9mm Cuban Chain or 4.5mm Cable Link Chain
  • Cast in 100% Non-Tarnish 316L Stainless Steel.
  • A hard hitting street necklace that will be a standout piece in your jewellery collection.
  • Incredibly detailed design went into giving this pendant it's menacing look.